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A day in the life of Marta Rijo
Written by Marta Rijo, 20/07/2018

Learn more about a day in the life of our senior account executive, Marta Rijo!

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Work experience is something you MUST experience.
Written by Maddi Procter, 06/07/2018

Work experience is something I am obliged to do in the first year of sixth form, so here I am currently sat in the Source Marketing Communications offices with six of the team members learning the ins and outs of ‘Public Relations’ (PR).

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Source’s five SEO tips and tricks
Written by Kennady Smith, 29/06/2018

Over recent years the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) has grown incredibly. And with Google gradually taking over more and more of the search engine market, we are all left with little choice but to improve our SEO on Google.

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Northern Rail & the great public relations & social media disaster
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 08/06/2018

I’ve been a Northern Rail customer since 2007; commuting five days a week from Steeton into Leeds; and throughout that time have always spoken highly about the quality of the service it delivered.

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Ladies’ lingerie or GDPR
Written by Steve Clark, 18/05/2018

When considering what to rant, I mean write, about in this week’s blog two topics sprang immediately to mind – ladies lingerie and GDPR!

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A day in the life of... Daniel Kennedy
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 04/05/2018

Daniel Kennedy is a Geordie-born, Outer Hebridean-raised, Australian-married, Yorkshireman-fathering PR man who has been promoting the living daylights out of various companies in the region, and beyond, since 1997.

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GDPR – What is it, and how much should we all care about it
Written by Kennady Smith, 27/04/2018

As the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is looming ever closer, I’ve been wondering exactly what it is, and how much I should really care about it.

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Never mind foreign powers controlling us, we should to look closer to home.
Written by Peter Downey, 20/04/2018

There appears to be so many mind games and constant manipulation from foreign powers pedalling ‘fake news’ that I am now beginning to have serious doubts about whether Santa Claus actually exists.

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Don't let the Winter Olympic legacy slide away
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 23/02/2018

Not sure about you, but Winter Olympic fever has gripped our house - with dinner time having been brought forward to that my two young sons can get in an hour with Clare Balding and her Today at the Games gang before bedtime.

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