Get your late night final!

Can anyone tell me why the Yorkshire Evening Post is still called the Yorkshire Evening Post?  It comes out first thing in the morning, alongside the Yorkshire Post, containing yesterday’s news written by a skeleton staff of overworked journalists. When Source started back in 2001 it was still a genuine evening paper with the first edition coming out at lunchtime and more editions being published during the course of the afternoon. 

The shout of ‘Evening Post – get your late night final’ was a familiar cry from street corner newspaper vendors dotted around the city centre.  I particularly remember a rheumy eyed old gentleman who looked well past retirement age, standing on Park Row, outside Lloyds Bank, in all weathers, a cigarette seemingly glued to his lips. Today, street corner news vendors have disappeared and they have resorted to giving away the YEP outside the train station, more I suspect in order to meet circulation promises made to advertisers than to attract new readers prepared to fork out the cover price. I’m not even sure how much it costs these days!

At one time both the YEP and its sister paper the Yorkshire Post were essential reading in our office – not only to find out what was happening in our region but also to see if our clients’ stories had made it into that day’s paper. Having set up Source to serve regional businesses, particularly b2b, these two newspapers were key targets for many of our clients. In fact for some, their sole PR goal was to raise their profile through appearing on the business pages of the YEP/YP.

That was in the days before online business media when there were no real alternative outlets for Yorkshire business news. With limited space to fill and the power to spike or cover stories, the YEP and YP’s business journalists were important people to the PR community and could rely on a free lunch whenever they wanted one. As a result of their ‘power’ some definitely displayed an air of superiority over their PR counterparts (funny how so many have ended up in PR!) One notable exception was Nigel Scott, for many years the YEP’s business editor who sadly died, far too young, a few years ago. Another (part of me hopes he doesn’t read this) was David Parkin, who went on to found and is now…well I’m not exactly sure what he does now! Event management, public speaking, blogging, he seems to have his finger in a lot of pies and wherever you go, he’s there! And he’s moved upmarket – to Harrogate.

But I digress.    

Today, more and more people access their news online. The success of online publications such as, bdaily and insidernews is definitely changing the way people receive their business news. Now it’s delivered straight to their inboxes for free every morning with breaking news updates throughout the day. Of course, the two daily papers are competing with their own online editions but that still means the importance and appeal of the printed editions are diminishing.

I have grown up reading the YEP and YP everyday but will the print versions still be around in ten years time? Sadly I’m not too sure.

Written by Steve Clark, 28/04/2017