Here are a few of our favourite things

Over the next few weeks we will give you our favourite bits in Leeds. Up first is Daniel.


Favourite pub – The Angel

Tucked secretly away in one of the ginnels between Briggate and Lands Lane, The Angel is an oasis of affordable sanity in the how-much-we’re-not-in-London-now-madness that goes hand-in-hand with drinking in Leeds city centre these days. Also, the beer’s great. The beer yard sizeable. And the loo’s are actually of historic significance.


Favourite restaurant – Sous les Nez

There are other restaurants in Leeds. A lot of them. With more being added every week. Some come and then disappear without so much as a whimper. Others burn brightly, but briefly. The odd one stays the course. And others (well one) win a Michelin star (and are absolutely brilliantly, by the way). But the best for value, atmosphere and downright good eating, drinking and being merry is right under your nose (see what I did there?) when you wander along Quebec Street.


Favourite coffee shop – Around The Clock

I don’t really drink coffee, so am going to pick my favourite sandwich shop instead (which does have a coffee machine, so is legitimately wedged into this category). Around The Clock (the Headrow one) is the top dog of sandwich emporiums. It has the biggest, the best and the tastiest sandwich selection anywhere in Leeds. They are freshly made in the back of the shop every day, come in all shapes and sizes, and the biggest ones will fill you up until breakfast the next morning.


Favourite bar – North Bar

When I lived in Leeds as a young and thrusting 20-something I didn’t like this bar at all. Now as a slightly older, less thrustier, 40-something, I love it. There’s a jaw-droppingly large choice of beers, a great atmosphere and a host of questionable late night eateries just a short stagger away.


Favourite shopping centre

I’m not a big shopper. In fact, a shopping trip for me involves going to Waterstones and then going home. I am though aware that Leeds has lots of shopping centres, so here’s my idiot’s guide to them.

Trinity – cool roof

Victoria Quarter – big Christmas decorations, even bigger price tags

The Light – no shops

The Corn Exchange – didn’t it shut down?

Victoria Gate – has it opened yet?

The Core – see The Light

St John’s Centre – how shopping centres used to be

The Merrion Centre – how shopping centres used to be before they built the St John’s Centre (pretty sure you’re still allowed to smoke and smack your children in this one)

Thorntons Arcade / Queens Arcade – aren’t they the same thing?

Leeds City Markets – has a street of meat


Favourite leisure activity

Leeds is known for many, many things, but not its love of French sports. There is though a boules court slap bang in the middle of the city centre, complete with action boules statues, a choice of court-side cafés, a distinct aroma of Gauloises cigarettes and an annual corporate league that sees local businesses injecting a little je nais se quoi into their summer lunchtimes.

Written by Daniel Kennedy, 19/05/2017