Is it really the weekend? - how do you know?

I'm sure like me there are lots and lots of people that have just had a week like never before. I don't mean not seeing friends and family, not going to the pub, restaurant, gym etc. I mean working from home for a whole week. Completely alien to me and I'm sure countless others.

Lots and lots of people have shared content about how to make sure you get into work mode when you WFH (the most used acronym of the moment) - put office attire on, have regular breaks, call colleagues, use Zoom, leave your laptop alone after a sensible time at night etc etc. But none of these people have said what for me is mentally a very important thing... how do you treat Friday night, Saturday and Sunday like it is the weekend and not just an extension of your working week?

My wife gave up work a long time ago and I think she is now convinced I've joined her in retirement. She genuinely said every day feels like a weekend at the moment as both myself and our 17 year old have been at home all day - that only happens at weekends.

We have no sport to watch or play, no gyms to de-stress at, no work out classes, no parties, no pals to get close and personal with, etc etc. Basically all the things we do to differentiate the working week from the weekend. To break up their day I bet lots of people have already done things this week that they normally do at the weekend - bike ride - bit of gardening - nice walk - bit of DIY etc.

We rushed a deal out today that only kicked off on Monday. We lent a company £350k which due to Covid issues, is struggling to cope with the enhanced demand for its product. It felt really good - great team effort - put the client in funds at 4pm, received an amazing testimonial from the client for our staff and Clarion Solicitors staff. It's a Friday so this in itself would normally result in a celebratory beer in the pub (we go for a quick beer every Friday anyway) and leave us basking in the knowledge that we've done good and we had the whole weekend to look forward to.

Our PR company Source organised a quiz and virtual beers at 4pm today over Zoom. It was weird at first but brilliant as we got into it. I've just had a takeaway curry with a bottle of Cobra beer. Me and my daughter will be watching Gogglebox later (which, although I'm not usually around, I know is always on a Friday). For now it genuinely feels like the weekend is here. But what about tomorrow and Sunday?

Personally I think this week has been made a lot easier because of the great weather. I think this weekend could be harder - so how are you going to ensure this is the weekend and not just an extension of your new life working from home? Or doesn't it matter?


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Written by Dave Jones, 01/04/2020