Is it time to declutter your inbox?

How many of you were half hoping that the new GDPR data privacy regulations, which came into force on May 25 this year, would magically clean up your inbox?

Well, it hasn’t happened, has it? Are you still being bombarded with unwanted emails from unscrupulous mailing companies or is the reality somewhat different?

 When I didn’t notice any difference in the volume of emails I was receiving post GDPR I decided to conduct a quick audit.

Over a typical seven-day period I received 330 emails of which I only read 80;  the other 250 I consigned straight to the bin without opening! Evidence, I thought immediately, that GDPR was being ignored.

On closer inspection, however, I discovered that the vast majority of these emails were from organisations that I had had some form of relationship with in the past and had given my email address to – news sites I had subscribed to, online retailers I had bought from, hotel chains I had stayed with, online golf coaches who had promised me a surefire cure for my slice etc.

I’m more than happy to concede that these organisations have a legitimate business interest to email me and that the onus is on me, if I want, to unsubscribe.

The problem, of course, is that I hardly ever do.  Half the time this is because I just never get around to it and half the time it’s because of FOMO – fear of missing out. I might not be interested in the latest flight offers from Ryanair this week but I don’t want to miss out on potential bargains in the future!

From now on, though, I resolve to be more ruthless – look out for an update on whether those unsubscribe buttons really work!

And next week I’m going to tackle my wardrobe, which is half full of clothes I never wear!   

Written by Steve Clark, 27/07/2018