It’s Business As Usual At Source, With a Couple of Subtle Changes…….

It’s the elephant in everyone’s room. It’s the talk of the town. Whatever expression you want to use, instead of uttering the two words on the lips of every newsreader and government official at the moment, you know what we’re talking about. So, what of it?

Well, this week the team at Source made the decision to start working from home. Whilst no one is experiencing any symptoms of illness, it was decided that we should attempt working remotely in order to continue offering the highest levels of service to our customers and keeping ourselves, and our families, safe.

Strangely enough, this week marks 19 years since Peter and Steve thought up the concept of Source at Peter's dining room table. Ironically, he’s back at that same table, working on clients that they have both nurtured over the years.

We’re really lucky, as a business, to have this option available to us and no one takes that privilege lightly. Some of our relatives and friends work in hospitality and they have experienced a lot of cancellations and uncertainty over the last few weeks.

Due to the nature of the work we do, we’re no strangers to times of crisis. In fact, crisis management is one of our key skills and is something we have been supporting some of our clients with recently, and will continue to do so in the coming weeks, whilst uncertainty ripples across the UK.

Things we’ve learnt are that team spirit is incredibly important, not just during strange times like this, but always. At Source we are a small team. In fact, I only joined the business two weeks ago, however, I have been fully embraced by everyone and am truly grateful for the great banter and sense of fun which is fueling our creativity and ensuring we’re remaining on top form whilst in isolation.

With the help of Microsoft Teams, we have started daily face time meetings and, instead of picking up the phone to discuss work, we are using this function to regularly communicate with each other, helping us to maintain an office environment, albeit virtually for now. We’ll be talking more about Microsoft teams in future updates.

We know that lots of people are also working from home at the moment, or are in self-isolation. That’s why we have come up with some great blog post ideas to share with everyone over the coming weeks, as well as some top social content so keep an eye out. We hope you'll love some of our ideas, designed to help keep yourselves, and us, sane, whilst maintaining a sense of humour, because at times like this, laughter and community are really important.


Written by Mia Hodgkinson, 20/03/2020