Kennady’s top five Christmas campaigns

The Christmas period is definitely the best time of the year for a company to really focus on its PR and marketing. There are more people spending more money in more shops than at any other time in the year, and good marketing can pull a lot of attention. So, here are my top five Christmas marketing campaigns from the past few years.


  1. Sainsbury’s - Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Watch it here

I would definitely say this is my favourite Christmas advert. Not only does it show a community coming together to help a neighbour at Christmas but it centres on Mog the cat. The subtle way the company promotes its products whilst focusing on the importance of sharing at Christmas is a brilliant way to get positive press for the store. Sainsbury’s has missed the mark on its Christmas adverts a few times, but with this one they really struck gold. From the advert, which was called a ‘huge success’, Sainsbury’s gained 37 million online views and was able to donate over £1.5 million to charity from sales of the book and soft toy.


  1. Temptations – Keep Them Busy

Watch it here

Anyone who owns a cat knows how much of a pain they can be at Christmas. The bright lights, shiny objects and the tree just shout ‘play time’ to cats, so promoting the product as a way of distracting the cats from destroying everything is brilliant. And it actually works! After one of my cats knocked down the tree the same year, whenever he went near it from then on we got out a temptations treat and he left it alone (at least for a while). The advert was part of the Business Insiders top 10 Christmas ads, gaining a total of 5.1 million views. I also promise this is the last cat-centred Christmas advert!


  1. Alzheimer’s Research – Santa Forgot

Watch it here

This heart-wrenching campaign couldn’t be missed from my top 5! Alzheimer’s Research linked the disease with the main focal point of Christmas – Santa. By showing him living with the effects of dementia and no longer visiting children on Christmas Eve, it almost makes the disease more relatable. Although the campaign gained a lot of media attention for being the ‘saddest Christmas advert of the year’, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it ran for two weeks, and managed to increase donations towards Alzheimer’s research  significantly.


  1. Starbucks – Christmas Cup Magic

Watch it here

Back in 2011 Starbucks teamed their seasonal Christmas cups with an augmented reality app that brought the characters to life on the phone screens of customers. This is a great way to engage with people, as each cup had a different character, and therefore a different little video. They even made the videos shareable via email or Facebook, adding an extra social feature to the campaign. I know I would have wanted to see every video, so therefore would have ended up buying one of each drink over the festive period!


  1. Ted Baker - #TedsElfie

This was a really great campaign, mainly because it was so personalised to each person. With ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ you could search for lost elves in a little festive world on the Ted Baker Instagram page. Teaming that with the hashtag ‘#TedsElfie’ pulled in a lot of participants. You could also win prizes throughout the game, whether they were hidden in the snow, or celebrating finding one of the elves with a trip to see the northern lights! It involved 32 Instagram accounts, 290 illustrated images and videos, and a total of 7 hidden elves. Overall, the campaign gained 14.5 thousand competition entries, 37 thousand interactions and made headlines on a variety of key publications.


Written by Kennady Smith, 08/12/2017