Kennady’s top five Halloween campaigns

Halloween is a great time of year for companies. Not only does it give an opportunity for some great themed products, but it’s also a fantastic time to showcase some of your best marketing ideas. Here are my top five marketing campaigns.


  1. LG – So scary, it’s real

This was a great example of how something incredibly simple can also be very effective. No blood, no guts, no ghosts, just terror at its best. By installing the monitors as a grid in the elevator and playing on a simple fear of falling by removing the ‘floor’ it succeeds in scaring everyone in the elevator! And it also helps to promote LG’s claim that the monitors had lifelike colour!


  1. Topshop – Trick or Tweet

Here’s another very simple campaign that really worked. Through Twitter, Topshop created a craze to help promote the launch of its Witching Hour collection back in 2016. By using the hashtag #TrickorTweet and also tagging Topshop between the 26th and 31st October and sending in a Halloween tip or picture of an outfit, customers were in with  a chance to win a £100 gift card, and also get a cosmetic item from the store’s Tweet shop. By mixing the digital and physical worlds, Topshop not only gained a lot of attention, but also created some great positive publicity.


  1. Airbnb – Spend a night in Dracula’s castle

Another campaign from 2016, but it was too good to miss from our top 5! Airbnb teamed up with Bram Stoker’s great grandnephew, Dacre Stoker to invite the winners of a competition to spend the night in the castle that bore the legend of Dracula. Over 80,000 people entered the competition, gaining some amazing press for the company. The winners also happened to be the grandchildren of Devendra Varma, an expert in vampire lore.


  1. Airbnb – Spend a night in the Paris Caracombs

Airbnb seem to jump on the Halloween bandwagon each year with something new and spooky. In 2015 they invited two 'lucky' and daring competition winners to spend a night beside 6 million dead bodies in the catacombs (nothing could get any of us down there). The caption was for these people to ‘become the only living people to ever wake up in the Paris catacombs’. Although the company paid a lot to privatise the catacombs, it gave them a huge amount of coverage worldwide.


  1. Tesco – Spookermarket

Poltergeist trolleys, severed heads, living pumpkins and plenty of jump scares – Tesco did Halloween right with this 90-second hidden camera video. The scares are enough to cause a jump and startle the unsuspecting public, but not too scary to help positively promote the brand. In under a week the video managed to get around 10 million views, which also led onto the viewers watching a host of other Halloween inspired videos, gaining a lot of attention  for the company.


Written by Kennady Smith, 31/10/2017