Lockdown Learnings From Team Source

With restrictions now easing and people moving into the next phase of the pandemic, we have reflected on our time spent in lockdown and the key things we’ve learnt during this time. We’ll focus on the positives because there’s enough negativity in the world right now and we want to keep it light!

New hobbies

From cycling to crocheting, and even perfecting the downward dog, team Source discovered it had more than just a talent for spotting a great news story during lockdown. Martha joined the Tik Tok revolution with her kitchen discos. Unfortunately, her famous ‘worm’ dance move has had to be retired until circumstances allow, but she’s hoping to dust it off again soon.

Peter has quite possibly the buzz-iest garden in the region as he now plays host to a number of bee hives and we’re expecting some delicious local honey soon. Our student, Lewis has put all of his efforts into his cheesecake business, Lewis’ Cheesecakes, and business is booming (and very, very tasty!).

Appreciating the important things

As a whole team we are exceptionally grateful to our incredible clients. Although we’ve been unable to see anyone in person, we thoroughly appreciate the support we’ve received and we look forward to being able to catch up in person very soon. Our weekly virtual pub quiz ran for 15 whole weeks. What started as a way for us to stay connected with our clients, turned into an unlikely mix of clients, friends and family. It was a great start to the weekend at a time when each day was rolling into the next.

For the parents on our team, appreciation of teachers is up there. Home schooling is no easy task! Daniel’s wife, Sharmyn, is the welfare and inclusion manager at their children’s primary school and her key working efforts throughout lockdown were acknowledged when England’s opening batsman, Rory Burns, sported her name on the back of his training top ahead of the start of the first #RaiseTheBat test match between England and the West Indies in early June. We also massively appreciate the work that charities do and urge everyone to support a local charity or one close to their heart because they simply can’t carry on their incredible work without donations right now.

We’ve all taken the time to appreciate the great outdoors during lockdown. Utilising our bikes and our legs, instead of cars and public transport, has invigorated us, and enabled us to spend quality time with the people we’ve been locked down with, and helped us to appreciate our beautiful region.

Finally – appreciation for family has been incredibly important. Whilst it’s so easy to snap at each other and feel frustrated at times, lockdown has given everyone the opportunity to really look at the support networks they have and be thankful. Mia joined Source a week before lockdown and settled in quickly. As she was unable to see her family back home in Newcastle for over four months, her Source ‘work family’ did their best to keep her in good spirits. She also got engaged on her birthday, marking the second Source wedding of 2021. Get your hats at the ready, guys!

Supporting local

When lockdown started and the world went mad for tinned beans and toilet rolls (is there a possible connection there?!) team Source shopped locally as much as possible. Peter and Kennady started growing their own veg from locally sourced seedlings, Martha and Mia kept the local wine suppliers in-pocket, and Daniel got  a new lawn laid by the groundsman from his cricket club after his two boys, Noah and Joseph ruined the original grass during those hot, sunny stay at home weeks of April and May. These are just a few of the ways team Source found ways to give a little back to the local economy. Watching communities, businesses and people come together has been something we’re all pleased to say has far outshone the frustrations of lockdown.

Home working

Whilst we’re all in different camps when it comes to home working – some of us being used to it in previous jobs and some of us who have never really seen the need, it has to be said that we took to it more easily than we expected. Even Peter, who pre-lockdown thought working from home meant the person doing it was having an unscheduled day’s holiday!

We have all knuckled down, remained disciplined and realised that Source could keep going despite us not all being physically together every day. Morning Zoom meetings have been something to look forward to as a way to catchup and run through any updates.

That being said, we’re now moving back towards more office-based working to enable us to reconnect properly and in person; both with the rest of the team and, hopefully with clients, suppliers and journalists. There’s also the fact that we enjoy getting competitive over BBC Radio Two’s daily Popmaster and Steve brings in excellent biscuits every Tuesday.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing most of you in Restaurant Bar and Grill on a Friday soon.

Let us know what you’ve learnt during lockdown in the comments section below.

Written by Mia Hodgkinson, 01/01/0001