Marta Rijo wins Martha Phillips Social Media Guru Award & Euro 2016 Award

The Martha Phillips Social Media Guru Award for Top Tweeting goes to…

Marta Rijo

She may not be Martha Phillips, Source’s resident social media guru, but Marta out Martha’ed Martha in November when just one tweet racked up 42,214 impressions and 3,055 engagements.

 The She Doesn’t Even Like Football It’s So Not Fair Her Team Won The Euro’s Award goes to…

Marta Rijo

She’s Portuguese. She doesn’t even like football. It’s so not fair her team won this summer’s European Championships. If it’d been England we’d have had the rest of the year off to celebrate. But no. It was b*@!%y Portugal. And Marta didn’t even have a hangover.


Written by Daniel Kennedy, 14/12/2016