Mia Hodgkinson Explains Why She’s Glad She Joined Source Even During Covid-19

Although ‘the big C’ has been on the news and in our day-to-day conversations constantly for weeks, it is definitely worth trying to put a bit of a positive spin on it, so I’ll give it a go.

I joined Source as a senior account manager at the beginning of March, after leaving a PR role at a construction company. Coronavirus was something we were aware of, but wasn’t something that was affecting our lives too much at that point in time. Although we were all wondering what might happen, I was mostly distracted by the fact I had just landed a brand-new job, and had a whole new team to get to know.

After having commuted to work for around three hours per day, in the car, for the last nine months, I was getting a bit bored of my own company so it was a breath of fresh air to be able to finally commute to work on the train. The additional half hour in bed every day was also a decent perk!

The biggest bonus, of course, was being able to join a well-established agency in Leeds city centre. When I was interviewed by Peter, Martha and Daniel, I walked away thinking I’d really clicked with them and hoping they felt the same. It was also the first interview that I’d ever had where I laughed genuinely, and not just because I was nervous.

My first week at Source was great. I was fully embraced by the team, found out a bit more about the clients and got stuck in. I even made a couple of brews without being prompted (I think!)

Having previously worked across B2B and B2C, and mostly in-house, it was nice to join a company that still very much values the traditional when it comes to marketing and PR. Communication and the written word are the two main things that I’m passionate about in my career to-date, having qualified as a journalist and worked for the Press Association after graduating.

Unfortunately, they are not the things that I’ve been able to fully concentrate on in the roles I’ve had in recent years, with digital creeping in more and more, often being pushed in my direction. Whilst digital is extremely important, relevant and necessary, I’d rather write press releases, talk to clients and think up creative campaign ideas all day long, over analytics and SEO. Besides, Lewis and Kennady already do an amazing job of managing the digital side of things at Source.

By week two, things had changed in the world and we started discussing working from home. I wasn’t overly keen, as I was new to the business and still trying to get to know everyone. Plus – I simply didn’t want to swap great office banter and Radio two, for time alone with a French Bulldog who emits some rather unpleasant smells in between VERY regular naps.

When starting a new job, you usually just have to worry about finding where the loos are, getting your paperwork in order and making sure you’re continually showcasing the things you were hired for. Like any relationship, the beginning is really important and first impressions count. Working away from my new team, only a week and a half in, added an additional layer of uncertainty about how I would be able to do this. However, I needn’t have worried too much.

We’re now on week four of working from home and, although we don’t get to make communal cups of tea or compete for the best score on Popmaster, we have daily Microsoft teams meetings, the Whatsapp group is practically aflame with memes, and we have started a virtual pub quiz on a Friday to replace after work drinks and keep morale up. We’re privileged to be able to work, without real restriction, from home and can continue to support our clients, who have been equally as supportive back, despite going through their own upheavals. 

Whilst I’m still the newbie, I am truly grateful to be part of a team that is so collaborative, that shares and learns from each other, and that still makes me laugh every day, even from the confines of my own home. Whilst the world has gone a little bit wonky, and things change weekly, I’m so glad I joined Source when I did because working together is now more important than ever. Let’s see what the coming weeks have to offer!





Written by Mia Hodgkinson, 31/03/2020