Musings of an old PR guy

In some respects it doesn’t seem five minutes since Source first opened its doors back in 2001, but in others it seems a lifetime ago!

Leeds United were still in the Premier League with Rio Ferdinand as captain and a squad full of stars such as Alan Smith, David Batty, Jonathan Woodgate, Danny Mills, Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, Gary Kelly and Ian Harte to name just a few.

David Parkin was business editor of the Yorkshire Post - at a time when it was still in its heyday as the premier (some would say only real) provider of regional business news.

How the mighty have fallen! (I don’t mean you David!)

Back then mobile phones were, well, just mobile phones and Google had only been going three years.

Social media and online news media were in their infancy. Friends Reunited (remember them) had launched a year earlier but Mark Zuckerberg was only 17 and it would be another three years before he introduced the world to the phenomenon that is Facebook.

It wasn’t until 2007 that we saw David Parkin (two mentions in one blog) launch the online regional  business news service,,  which he describes, probably fairly, as “one of the first ‘digital disruptors’ in the regional media.”

What feels most unbelievable now, though, is that back in 2001 we were still sending out press releases in the post (sometimes faxing if we didn’t have a photo).

Imagine printing out all the releases and the photo caption labels, stuffing the envelopes and affixing address labels and stamps.

It was labour intensive, time consuming and expensive. But it did encourage accurate media targeting!

Written by Steve Clark, 19/01/2018