One small step for man, one giant leap for a University student

To many, the step from university into the big wide world can be of a daunting nature - and for me that’s no different. But the distinctive factor is that I have one foot in the door, ready to take that leap when I (hopefully) graduate next summer.

I turned up at the end of October to an interview at Source Marketing Communications. I was fully suited and coated in my best aftershave in my bid to secure 150 hours’ worth of placement in the workplace. So far, so good, right? Other than been one of the only ones in a full suit when I turned up. But it obviously gave the correct impression because I was successful and I’m currently sat at a desk in Source Marketing Communications writing this for you.

So, what about working at Source? I don’t even know where to begin…other than I love it! I’m surrounded by professionals on a career path I’ve led myself down, and they have taken me into their working family, shown me how to operate in a marketing and PR background and given me constant and creative bits of work to be getting on with.

Before I even began to think about work placements, I wouldn’t have considered a career in PR and marketing. However working at Source has taught me how to use my creativity differently depending on the type of client we are dealing with. This has kept my work placement interesting to say the least. On top of this, the wealth of knowledge regarding PR and marketing sat on the 6 desks around me has been priceless. And if I’m honest, I couldn’t see myself going down any other career route now.

I’m in week 7 now at Source and there is still A LOT to learn, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely. Although the cliché is that new members of staff or people on a placement make the cups of tea, there are two reasons why I couldn’t do it all the time. The first of which is that I couldn’t take that responsibility away from director, Daniel who describes himself as a bit of a tea connoisseur. The second of which is that I still make Steve, one of the company’s founders, cafetière coffee wrong… apologies.

I’m not even halfway through my time at Source, and I already look forward to what else they have in store for me. The skills I’ve learnt from product launches, to social media analytics, to follower’s campaigns and press releases have been some that will stick by me throughout any line of work, and skills that will help me with general use of social media.

Placements are the best way to gain opportunities and experience in day to day work, and I can only hope if you’re reading this and are a student that your placement is as good as mine.

Written by Lewis Scott, 03/01/2019