Source’s five SEO tips and tricks

Over recent years the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) has grown incredibly. And with Google gradually taking over more and more of the search engine market, we are all left with little choice but to improve our SEO on Google.

As a PR and social media firm, we decided earlier this year to tackle and improve our SEO and rankings, but like many others before us (and I’m sure many more to come) we weren’t sure how  best to do it. Therefore, we sought expert advice and followed it; starting first with SEO and Adwords courses, which we all took in Leeds.

During all this work, we found various ‘quick win’ articles an incredibly useful way to get a better idea of SEO – so what better way to pass on our SEO and Adwords knowledge than to create our own!

Here are our five best ‘SEO wins’ from our public relations and social media point of view;


1. Review, review, review

Look at your website and see where you might be falling down. Do you have enough key words on your pages that relate to your business? At Source, for example, we need the words ‘PR’, ‘public relations’, ‘social media’, ‘Leeds’, ‘Yorkshire’ and ‘UK’ throughout our website text as much as possible, within reason, as that’s what we do and where we do it.

From this, we saw exactly how we could improve our website ( immediately. By changing the text, adding ‘meta titles’ (very important that you can add these – check with your website developer to see if you can, and if not then make sure the ‘attachment’ is added so you’re able to), and looking back over blogs and news stories, we were able to add more key words in across our website.


2. Begin to build links

Google likes high quality links to other websites. However, these have to be relevant. Working in PR and social media, if we had links to random websites such as a football club, or a high street shop they probably wouldn’t be rated by Google and would therefore be classed as ‘low quality’.

But, if we had links to/ from social media influencers, PR gurus and more, then Google would love it. So, build your links between websites but make sure they’re relevant to your business and to ‘rated’ people.


3. Competitor analysis

Whilst doing points one and two, do some competitor analysis. See what rival businesses are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and how you can improve your website to better theirs.

For us this meant looking at who was above us on a Google search, and, as you’d expect, that turned out to be other PR agencies in Leeds and beyond. We then looked at how well their websites were optimised, what they were doing differently from us, and what we needed to do to perform better than them.

Remember, everything you do when analysing your website to improve it SEO and Google standing, do it for your competitors too.


4. AdWords

These are so important to SEO, Google likes it when you use (and pay for) its services. Set up an AdWords account, use the planner and find out what search terms are best for your business. The planner will show you the data range for searches (for example, do people search ‘PR Leeds’ 10 times a month or 10,000 times?)

AdWords can look very complicated if you go into it blind as there are a lot of extensions and different areas that are all vital to getting your ad correct. But, spend some time learning how to use it correctly and it will pay off ten-fold for you.


5. Make SEO and AdWords a priority

If you have in-house teams for PR, social media, marketing and more, then make sure you bring them all together to brainstorm what can be done across the board (because, somewhat surprisingly, Google includes your social media pages in their ranking reviews). Connect your online and offline tactics, build lists together of who can be approached for guest blogs, link building and more.

If you don’t have an in-house team or simply don’t have time for this kind of activity, then consider bringing in an external specialist. It shouldn’t cost the earth and it’s their job to research exactly what we’ve outlined and then deliver it for you.


At Source, we’ve just started offering SEO and AdWords to clients and it’s great to see the impact it’s having.

Written by Kennady Smith, 29/06/2018