Source's Favourites

All of us here at Source have gotten together to work out six of our all-time favourite things in Leeds, including our favourite coffee shop and favourite leisure activity!


Favourite restaurant – Steve

This is a tricky one. I’m not known for my adventurous taste in food and although I love watching Masterchef you wouldn’t find me eating much of what the contestants prepare.  I do enjoy a good curry though and one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve found is Tharavadu in Leeds city. It’s not a typical Indian, there’s not a Balti or Tikka Masala in sight. Instead you will experience the flavours of traditional Kerala cooking and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Favourite gig venue – Kennady

In recent years I’ve probably gone to about 50 gigs in the O2 Academy in Leeds, as throughout college and University music was my main interest. What I love about this venue is that it’s big enough to pull in popular artists, but small enough that you aren’t a million miles away from the stage, even stood at the back you get a fantastic view. The sound quality is also brilliant in the venue, and it’s easy to see why festivals such as Slam Dunk and Live at Leeds want to place acts in there!

Ps – older readers may remember the O2 Academy as the Town & Country Club!


Favourite coffee shop – Peter

This has changed in recent years. For a long time I used to meet clients at Starbucks on St Paul’s Street. It was convenient, I liked the coffee and it has comfy seating. However I became steadily frustrated with the ‘self-service’. I didn’t enjoy queuing while the coffee was prepared while the person I’d arranged to meet sat on their own. So I started going to Patisserie Valerie across the road simply because it has table service. The coffee’s just as good, the seating’s not too bad and what’s more, with its huge windows, it’s great for people watching!


Favourite shopping centre – Martha

It is hard to pick one shopping centre in Leeds as thanks to its walkable layout the centre is a shopper’s paradise. Recently named the best shopping destination in the UK by the rough guide to Britain, it is not hard to see why with over 1,000 shops and all offering that little something different from independent boutiques, fashion designer shops and high-end department stores - housed in arcades, modern and listed building the shopping experience in Leeds city centre is like no other. If I did have to pick one it would be the Victoria Quarter.


Favourite leisure activity – Daniel

Leeds is known for many, many things, but not its love of French sports. There is, though, a boules court slap bang in the middle of the city centre, complete with action boules statues, a choice of court-side cafés, a distinct aroma of Gauloises cigarettes and an annual corporate league that sees local businesses injecting a little je nais se quoi into their summer lunchtimes.


Favourite bar – Marta

The first bar I stepped my foot in in Leeds happens to be my absolute favourite. Located on the sixth floor of Trinity Leeds, Angelica has an outdoor terrace and great panoramic city views. I’d say it’s a classy and trendy place to go and never fails to impress.  It does get very crowded on Fridays and Saturdays so I suggest visiting any other time because the setting is superb and the lounge music on the background fits right in. The food is also lovely – great taste and quality with very reasonable prices!

Written by Kennady Smith, 07/07/2017