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Up first, for the brand new feature on our blog, is Senior Account Executive, Kennady, with her recommendations of places to visit in Leeds city centre. If you're a fan of gigs and food then you'll want to carry on reading......


Best restaurant - Tattu

For me, the best restaurant has to be Tattu! It is definitely somewhere you would go to celebrate an occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary due to the slightly higher price point, but from the minute you walk into the restaurant, you’re sure to be amazed. There are blossom flowers and trees everywhere, incense burners providing a heavenly smell and cocktails at the bar that are probably some of the best I’ve ever tried in Leeds.

Onto the food, which can only be accurately described in one word - divine. Not only does it taste amazing, the way it’s laid out on the plate makes the meal feel like a really theatrical experience. I think I’ve tried 90% of the dishes available on the menu by now, but I’m more than happy to eat those 2, 3, 4 or five more times! The deserts are on another level, especially the cherry blossom, complete with dry ice and candyfloss.


Best bar – Dirty Martini

I’m a bit basic when it comes to bars, and my current favourite is probably Dirty Martini. Not only is the menu packed with choice, but happy hour lasts for SIX FULL HOURS – what more could you want?!

Typically I’m a bit OTT when it comes to being healthy and counting calories, but I can never resist one of the six espresso martini choices as a bit of a treat – especially the mocha espresso martini… both my favourite coffee and favourite cocktail added together.

On top of the drinks, which include gin, cocktails, beer, and more, they also do food which is great for when you want some nibbles to line your stomach. They also have the perfect Insta spot with glowing fluorescent angel wings and a halo adorning the wall.


Best café - Wolfox

Now this is a difficult one, but if I had to pick my favourite at the minute it would be Wolfox. It’s a hidden little gem on Wellington Street, and perfect if you want a peaceful hour with great coffee and delicious food. The café itself is deceivingly big, with a huge area towards the back of the building that makes it a perfect spot to take your laptop and do a bit of work.

I usually order either the acai bowl or the smashed avocado on a charcoal bun (if you haven’t tried it – definitely do) and either a coffee or a hot chocolate. What’s great about Wolfox is that they have a rotating coffee option that changes weekly, so there’s almost always something different to try!


Best gig venue – Leeds Beckett University Union

I go to a LOT of gigs in Leeds, so I’ve probably tried every venue going. My favourite definitely has to be the Leeds Beckett University Union. It’s big enough to host some bigger bands (I’ve seen the likes of The Script, The Story So Far and Shikari Sound System over the years) but it’s small enough that you can see the band clearly, hear the music really well and get involved in jumping about even if you’re stood at the back.

What’s also great is that it’s a shorter walk to the station than other music venues like the Arena, which is just a pain!


Best activity – Junkyard Golf

This definitely has to be Junkyard Golf right now. If someone suggested mini golf as an activity a few years back I’d have turned my nose up at it, but this is just incredible.

For one; you can get drinks to take around with you, two; the courses are much more entertaining than the basic mini golf, and three; if it’s quiet you can usually play the holes more than once!

I’ve gradually tried all three courses at the Leeds location, and my favourite is still the first I did – Bozo. Not only does it immediately give you a Halloween / circus vibe, but the different holes are also fantastic. From a merry-go-round through to a clown grave, they tick all the boxes on this course!

As activities in Leeds go, it’s pretty reasonably priced too and is the perfect way to pass time if you have a meal booked or just want to get out for an afternoon.


Written by Kennady Smith, 13/03/2020