Why does your business need an experienced social media manager?

For all social media professionals, it becomes familiar to hear the same thing time after time, either from friends, family or businesses – “social media? Anyone can do that, it’s just posting a few pictures every now and then”. Many think that anyone with a few extra minutes can write social media posts, manage pages and accounts and create social media adverts.

However, despite being accessible to everyone and a major part of the majority of people’s lives, not everyone can actually do it properly.

Plenty of things could go wrong, the first one is the most obvious – people in the company are too busy and will eventually ignore the campaign. Also, the employees do not know how to communicate well with the target audiences, whether it’s because of the tone or subject of the message, posting in the wrong social media platform or even posting messages at the wrong times.

Keeping up with social media is, by itself, hard work. While someone from the company can post every now and then, businesses need someone who can continuously manage the company’s social media and who is capable of perfecting the social media strategy based on the results and analytics.

According to Forbes (https://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2015/06/08/5-skills-your-social-media-manager-must-have/#2288b3fac569), your social media manager should have these 5 skills –

  • Graphics production – messages with images are viewed 94% more than messages without images. While it’s not required to have advanced Photoshop skills, your social media manager must have a good eye for design and the ability to find and edit images.


  • Strong writing skills – your social media manager will be communicating with your customers on a daily basis so he/ she should be able to express himself/ herself while writing, maintain a consistent voice, and express passion for the business through his/ her writing. Grammatical or spelling mistakes are strictly forbidden!


  • Strong customer-service skills – you could be posting the best content, however if you’re not tackling your customers’ concerns or queries, your strategy will not go far.


  • Understanding of SEO – understanding how the search engines work and how your social media fits in, is a must. Also understanding how reach and engagement on social media impact not only traffic and revenue, but SEO.


  • Understanding of social media advertising – paid social media is a great ally of organic social media – combined, they push your social media strategy even further. Unlike TV or newspaper ads, social media ads allow very specific targets so businesses can reach exactly who they want.

All in all, you need to consider the time you would need to spend on social media to make it effective. The knowledge and skills plus time spent on posting, engaging, researching, and analysing in all the multiple platforms your company wants to be in. Are you the best person to do this or should you be focusing on other areas of your business?

Written by Marta Rijo, 02/02/2018