Milton Keynes-based Praesepe Group has honoured three employees who helped to raise more than £9,800 in the past year for CHIPS - a charity which aims to provide specialised powered wheelchairs for children with severe mobility problems.

Praesepe Group is one of Europe’s largest and most experienced gaming organisations, operating eight Beacon Bingo clubs, 170 Cashino adult gaming centres and eight seaside entertainment centres across the country. It is one of the main fundraisers for CHIPS – a charity which was founded by the UK gaming industry.

Mas Bibi, venue manager at Cashino Bedford, was honoured as the CHIPS Charity Champion for the Group, helping to raise more than £3,400 for CHIPS. Christian Cirlan, venue manager at Cashino Lewisham, who raised more than £3,300, and Diane Welstead, venue manager at Cashino Acton, who raised more than £3,000, also received Charity Champion awards.

Mas was very moved with the recognition and said: “It’s a great privilege to be one of the CHIPS Charity Champions for the company. I couldn’t have raised such a large amount of money without the support of my team and the customers, who were very generous with their donations.”

Nick Harding, Praesepe’s CEO joined the award ceremony and presented the three winners with their awards and gifts.

Nick Harding commented: “Mas, Diane and Christian have been fantastic at raising funds for CHIPS and really motivated customers and staff to donate – there were raffles, hampers, and auctioned objects which were donated by the teams. They got the whole staff fully behind the charity - it was a round the clock effort!”

Nick continued: “There was always some sort of activity taking place at the venues, and what made it even more successful was that the customers and staff were really happy to be involved, as they felt it was a deserving charity.”

Over the years, Praesepe has donated a massive £500,000 allowing CHIPS to provide more than 100 powered wheelchairs across the country.

In total, CHIPS has raised over £1,500,000 and presented over 450 wheelchairs to children throughout the UK.