A team of seven from Milton Keynes-based gaming company Praesepe conquered the Tough Mudder challenge on August 19th and raised £7,500 for CHIPS – a charity founded by the casino and gaming industry to provide specialised powered wheelchairs for young people with severe mobility problems – in the process.

Comprising Steve Ambrose, Samantha Poynter, Eddie Dashja, Matt Litchfield-Goodman, Bradley Hottinger, Lukas Schobel and Umut Korkmaz, the Praesepe team completed the mud-filled obstacle race.

Simon Coombes, marketing manager for Praesepe said: “Tough Mudder is something Praesepe has never tried as a fundraiser before, so it was very exciting for everyone – from those taking part  to those watching and, of course, the rest of us who simply saw how much was raised and were absolutely delighted by it!.”

“I’m sure the £7,500 they raised for CHIPS makes the 500,000 litres of mud, 40 tons of ice and fair amount of pain the team went through worth it.”

Thanks to the joint fundraising of staff and customers Praesepe, which operates Cashino and sister company Beacon Bingo, has so far raised £650,000 and presented over 160 custom built wheelchairs to children up and down the country since it began working with the CHIPS charity in 2005.

Co-founder of CHIPS charity, Linda Lindsay added: “It’s thanks to these fundraising events that we are able to help so many young people and change their lives. It is such a fantastic total which is truly appreciated by all of us here at CHIPS and the wheelchair recipients themselves.”