Rocky Richmond, Beacon Bingo’s general manager, has launched a free bus service in Redcar to help customers travel to and from the Esplanade venue, due to the lack of public transport services in the town after 6pm.

The free bus service is now available every evening, and the route begins on Liverton Mines, at Pierson Garage and includes nine stops before the Beacon Bingo hall. The return journey leaves after the evening bingo session has finished at 9:20pm.

Rocky, said: “Some of our customers found it quite difficult to get to and from the evening games, and we really wanted to do something to help. So when the idea of this free mini-bus service came up, we knew we had to go with it!”

Gillian Smith, Beacon Bingo Redcar regular, said: “As I don’t drive, and public transport is so scarce in the evenings, I always struggled to get to some of the evening games. Having this service is an unbelievable help for me as it means I am able to get to the bingo and back home with no problem!”

And there can be little doubt that Beacon Bingo’s bus service will make a local star of Rocky – his smiling face is plastered across the side of the bus, with the legend, “Rocky Richmond has the biggest balls in Redcar” emblazoned beneath.

“I wasn’t too sure about the idea at first,” said Rocky. “But once I saw it, I loved it, and thankfully my wife sees the funny side of being married to the man with the biggest balls in town!”


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