It has been 15 weeks since team Source started working from home. Whilst we have been incredibly grateful to continue working for some of our clients, we simply had to address the lack of social interaction that we, as a team, have become accustomed to. With Peter Downey’ reputation as the ‘Quiz Master’ already established, after 5-years of Thursday night quizzes at The Woolpack pub in Esholt, and a secret santa t-shirt affirming this title, we decided to try our hand at a virtual quiz.

And on Friday 27th March the Source virtual quiz was born. Every Friday at 4pm, the team and our wider network, downed tools, poured a drink and prepared to have brain cells tested and senses wowed! Ok, maybe that’s taking it a bit far, but we do always aim high.

With each member of team Source picking five questions each, on topics such as current affairs and entertainment, we were all kept on our toes, scrabbling to find fresh content each week. Current affairs was particularly challenging when trying our best to avoid the C-word!

As each week rolled around, some of the more adventurous members of team Source decided to up the ante and introduce a music intro’s round, create a food and drink round made entirely from anagrams and quoted famous lines from well-known films. Kennady’s rounds always had a spooky, horror twist and Daniel included a ‘Lewis’ question each week. Sadly, this wasn’t in celebration of Lewis Scott, our cheesecake-making extended team member, but was, in fact, in reference to his childhood home of the Isle of Lewis.

Winners had Northern Monk beers delivered to their home offices each week, (except for one week when Northern Monk had completely sold out and we had to improvise!) Several people won more than once, including David Jones and Alan Sanderson, our clients from Reward Finance Group.

Sadly, we hosted our final quiz last Friday, to cries of “No!!!” and “WHY?!” After a whopping 15 Zoom quizzes we decided it was time to end on a high as people slowly started poking their head out of the virtual world and delving back into the real one. Even we, as a team, have been coming into our Park Square office a couple of days a week to reconnect and catch up on clients. Martha and Peter have gone one step further by commuting via bike, racking up the miles whilst arguing over whether a hybrid bike is better than a mountain bike, and other such frivolity. The jury is still out on that one!

No one could have predicted that we would live through a crisis quite like this. What’s more incredible is how resilient we are as human beings and how we adapt to whatever comes our way. For us, and for many of our Zoom quiz attendees, it was incredibly important to mark the end of another week in lockdown and have something to look forward to on a Friday. Keeping a sense of normality in a very abnormal world has been crucial during this time and we’re delighted to have received such positive feedback from everyone who was able to join us.

For anyone who may be worrying about how they will cope without our weekly quiz, we are excited to say that we fully intend to host a real-life quiz at Northern Monk Refectory when circumstances allow, giving winners, and losers alike a chance to sample the beers, fresh from the brewery. We have already discussed how to make this the quiz to end all quizzes so keep an eye out and we’ll announce the date very soon (we hope!)

Until then, stay safe, stay well and stay in touch.


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