What is performance-led marketing communications?

We are Source and we deliver performance-led marketing communications, but what exactly is it? Put simply, it’s our commitment to ensuring that every creative idea, strategy or marketing activity is rooted in delivering results for our clients. 

The first question we ask any business before we even consider proposing a campaign is what does success look like? Whether it’s achieving a specific KPI or impacting the bottom line, everything we do at Source is motivated by a desire to perform to the highest standard and exceed every client expectation.


What makes us stand out
from the crowd?

Sadly across many agencies, key senior figures are only visible at the pitch and then largely anonymous when the real hard work starts.

At Source, we’re small enough to care but large enough to deliver.

We firmly believe that the senior-led team you see at the pitch, is the team that will go on to deliver your campaign results, help you grow your business and share in its ongoing success.

We’ve developed a team that fuses the creativity, drive and innovation of youth with the trusted expertise and experience of directors who set the strategy and maintain a constant presence throughout.

It’s a win-win for every client at Source and what gives us the edge.


A proven track-record

In 2001, Source Marketing Communications was formed by two of Yorkshire’s best known PR practitioners, Steve Clark and Peter Downey. Back then only birds tweeted, clocks tik-tocked and if you wanted to share pictures of a big night out with friends on the other side of the world you bought a stamp and an airmail envelope. 

To simply have survived as an agency for so long would be impressive enough, but to have flourished throughout shows a level of foresight missing from so many who have fallen by the wayside. 

Extraordinarily, we have clients who have been with us nearly every step of the way.

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Our office is located in the heart of Leeds city centre in West Yorkshire from where we work with clients, suppliers and publications around the world. If you have any queries about public relations, SEO, paid digital marketing or social media then get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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