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A day in the life of a Digital Marketing Apprentice
Written by Millie Wray, 11/02/2022

I’m Millie, a 17-year-old Digital Marketing apprentice working for Source, whilst studying remotely part-time.

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Quizzing in a Crisis
Written by Mia Hodgkinson, 03/07/2020

It has been 15 weeks since team Source started working from home. Whilst we have been incredibly grateful to continue working for some of our clients, we simply had to address the lack of social interaction that we, as a team, have become accustomed to.

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The story of Source
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 17/04/2020

Once upon a time, in a Leeds that bears little resemblance to today’s shiny, uber-modern city; two baggy-trousered, big-spectacled PR men decided enough was enough.

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The Best Video Conferencing Tools You Need Right Now
Written by Mia Hodgkinson, 09/04/2020

With bars, restaurants and cafes closed until further notice, people are looking for new ways to socialise, virtually, of course. In a world where technology is at our fingertips 24/7, and app developers are constantly trying to one-up each other, a world in lockdown doesn’t necessarily have to mean total isolation. 

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Is it really the weekend? - how do you know?
Written by Dave Jones, 01/04/2020

I'm sure like me there are lots and lots of people that have just had a week like never before. I don't mean not seeing friends and family, not going to the pub, restaurant, gym etc. I mean working from home for a whole week. Completely alien to me and I'm sure countless others.

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Home, home on the couch
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 24/03/2020

Home. home on the couch. Where the dog and the children all roam. Where seldom - sorry often - is heard an angry word. And the news seems gloomy all day.


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It’s Business As Usual At Source, With a Couple of Subtle Changes…….
Written by Mia Hodgkinson, 20/03/2020

It’s the elephant in everyone’s room. It’s the talk of the town. Whatever expression you want to use, instead of uttering the two words on the lips of every newsreader and government official at the moment, you know what we’re talking about. So, what of it?

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We Recommend.....
Written by Kennady Smith, 13/03/2020

Up first, for the brand new feature on our blog, is Senior Account Executive, Kennady, with her recommendations of places to visit in Leeds city centre. If you're a fan of gigs and food then you'll want to carry on reading......

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Should I be an astronaut or a cowboy?
Written by Jazmina Frith Pena, 04/07/2019

I have always been a restless and curious person, with a huge enthusiasm for knowledge. Since I was young, I’ve always been asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Surprisingly I had a different answer every day, which never seemed a problem as I thought that would change as I grew up and got to know myself better.

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