From traditional public relations (PR) to social media, SEO and everything in between, we create and deliver innovative campaigns that look after our clients’ reputations and resonate with target audiences within Leeds, Yorkshire and across the entire UK. Contact us here.

Public Relations (PR)

Looking after a client’s reputation and raising awareness of its services or products to its publics, through media relations and delivering strategic PR campaigns, is what Source does best – and with close to 100 years’ industry experience in just one small office it’s easy to understand why.

Online Public Relations (PR)

Digital media has become a crucial element of PR, but with so many online sites and news platforms knowing which to target can be daunting. Source creates and delivers targeted online PR campaigns, that raise awareness of a company’s brand, services or products on sites visited by target audiences. The result? An increase in traffic driven to their websites and a significant enhancement in our client’s natural position on a search engine page.

Social Media

Providing another platform to broadcast messages to potential customers, social media is a now a must in any communication campaign.

Source knows not one size fits all and so the social media tools it uses will vary depending on target audience and market specifics. Every programme of social media activity is bespoke and highly targeted so as to increase its effectiveness.

Content Marketing

Source has been creating engaging content for its clients since the first day it opened its doors in 2001. The difference now though is that it can be shared amongst far wider audiences as a result of the myriad of communication channels available.

Source delivers engaging and interesting coverage that resonates with specific target audiences – the aim always being to sell the sizzle not the sausage.

Campaign Planning and Management

Source’s ingredients for delivering a successful campaign are strategic, creative, targeted, integrated, measurable and achievable. From launching a new product to awareness raising campaigns, Source can provide a fully integrated marketing and communications strategy for any business.

Internal Communications

Employees can be the biggest brand advocates if they are provided with the right tools to make sure they are ‘on message’. Employee engagement isn’t just great for word of mouth marketing, but brand reputation too. Source provides strategic internal communications plans for its clients supported by tools such as newsletters, staff briefings and events.

Corporate Communications

Poor reputation can have an impact on the financial performance of any company. Source has significant experience in handling crisis management briefs for clients along with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies. Turning negative situations into positive achievements can be as easy as applying the right tactics.

Event Management

From an audience of 10 to 2,000 the team at Source has a wealth of experience in planning and providing its clients with event management services. From press conferences to award ceremonies, product launches to comedy nights, and even the odd film premiere, Source can create, deliver and manage all kinds of events.

Website Development and Management

As the use of search engines to research businesses and find products/services continues to increase, a company’s website is one of its most important tools. Source helps its clients to develop and manage their websites through the use of keyword link building and providing content marketing services. Working in partnership with its website design supplier, Source provides simple, clear and easy to navigate websites that engage with audiences.