Kennady's top five in Leeds

These are really not in any order, just my five favourite food places to visit in Leeds whenever I’m here shopping or wandering!



I absolutely love Revolution Bar, not only are the food and drinks gorgeous, they’re very reasonably priced too! Plus, if you get a ‘Rev’s card’ you get some really great discounts off food and drink as well! The atmosphere is fab, but I do prefer to visit during the week as it’s a bit less busy and you can make it to the bar without getting squashed! My favourite drink has to be the Blank Canvass, I just love the fact it gives you the option to customise the flavour from any of the shots they provide, although I almost always go for the bubble gum flavour - very sweet but really delicious.



This probably takes top place for one simple reason – they do the nicest chicken curry I have ever had (and I LOVE curries!) Tucked away in Trinity Kitchens, Pho is packed full of heavenly Vietnamese street food as well as a massive variety of drinks. I always go for the ‘Ca-ri’ which is a fragrant curry with veggies, mushrooms and also optional rice (which I would recommend). It’s super filling and goes down perfectly with a nice glass of white wine! It’s also the perfect ‘before show’ place to eat because there’s no need to get a table, order and wait… you just order at the bar, get a little buzzer and your food’s ready within 5/10 minutes, meaning if you’re like me and running late to get to a show or a gig, it’s ideal.


The Alchemist

Now, it might be a bit expensive but by God is it worth it? One cocktail and usually you’re already a bit tipsy! There are two different locations in Leeds, and I’ve worked out that if you just want drinks, then the Trinity Leeds location is the best. And for food, the one down on Greek Street is perfect, as it’s a little bit bigger with more tables. I basically always go for the ‘Dead Red Zombie’ cocktail (unless I’m having my signature Disaronno and diet Coke), because 1) it’s huge, 2) it’s very strong and 3) it can sometimes look metallic which is absolutely fabulous.



Definitely one of my favourite places for food and drinks. If you want to go on a weekend though, definitely book in advance as it fills up fast! The décor, the bar, the whole atmosphere; everything is stylish, classy and sophisticated… but everything is still reasonably priced. The last time I went I was ‘trying’ to stick to vegetarianism (didn’t last very long unfortunately) but I had the ‘Portobello Mushroom Tart’ and to my surprise it was probably one of the nicest meals I’ve had and I’ll definitely be ordering it again next time I go!



Last but definitely not least, Stampede is my favourite overall meat place in Leeds (there are still some veggie options though!). They have such a huge variety of food on the menu, which for someone very picky, like me, is perfect. However, I’ve fallen in love with their beef and mushroom burger, it’s huge but I always find some room for a side of their sweet potato fries (which are a must try). They also do a Sunday lunch, which although I haven’t tried, I can imagine will be enchanting.

Written by Kennady Smith, 03/06/2017