A day in the life of a digital marketing apprentice

I’m Millie, a 17-year-old digital marketing apprentice working for Source, whilst studying remotely part-time.

I’ll start by saying this isn’t where I saw myself this time last year. Last February, I was stuck for motivation to get going with my college work because I wasn’t enjoying myself. I decided that if I wanted to be happy, I had to use my time doing something that inspired me. Having studied media, I knew I wanted to go into marketing, which landed me here at Source, taking you through a regular day in my position.

I tend to wake up around 6:40 am (reluctantly) to peel myself out of bed to grab my first coffee. After I’ve had my pick-me-up, I get ready for the day ahead and will usually be out of the door by 7:40 am. At this point, I catch my bus to the station and then take the train into Leeds city centre, then land in front of my desk just before 9 where I’m most likely about to munch on my cheeky morning snack.

After the first round of brews have been made, I’ll crack on with sweeping through Source’s personal social media accounts and that of our clients, this helps to make sure we’re staying up to date with any news and engagement. Then naturally, I catch up with any emails, invites, and colleagues. Following this, I look over my to-do list and begin to schedule my tasks. Typically, in the morning I tend to get any of the manual posting out of the way so I can get going with the urgent things to be done. Most commonly, something like writing a press release, creating a CMS, or completing monthly analytics reports. These tasks will bring me to lunch.

One major benefit of working in central Leeds is the wide range of food it has to offer – Uber eats has become my new best friend! My hour is usually spent venturing out to different food locations and filling my boots with new cuisines. Although, I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a little bit of shopping involved too!

Once my break is over, it’s back to the office to get cracking with the other tasks and any apprenticeship work I have to do, which can take anywhere between 15 minutes to a few days to complete. The work can be anything from a 20 slide PowerPoint project to creating graphics or scheduling posts. Luckily, my line manager, Kennady is always available to help me out. The rest of the afternoon is spent focusing on scouting for relevant events, looking out for media opportunities, drafting and editing content, and finally, the daily coverage report for one of our biggest clients. This will bring me to the 5 o’clock mark, where I say goodbye to the team, and more importantly Frank the Dachshund, before setting off on my commute back home, ready to wake up tomorrow and do it all again.

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