Be prepared - how to avoid a data breach and what to do if once does occur
Written by Sarah Collett, PCM, 15/09/2017

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and equivalent UK data protection laws are looming, and as a result the spotlight is fixed firmly on protecting consumer rights and customer data. 

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Social media, anxiety and the "fear of missing out".
Written by Kennady Smith, 06/09/2017

Trying to remember life before social media is near impossible. As of August 2017, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were all within the top four most used apps.

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Engineering a Brexit Exit
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 28/07/2017

Does anyone else have a growing feeling that those charged with negotiating the terms of Brexit are doing so in the kind of half-arsed fashion that suggests they were told when given the job, “do it as badly as you want. Because, let’s face it – it’s never going to happen.”

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AP McCoy rode my horse to victory!
Written by Steve Clark, 14/07/2017

AP McCoy, the greatest jump jockey ever, celebrated riding an incredible 4,000 winners recently and I'm proud to say one of those wins came on board a horse I owned at the time! 

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How do you solve a PR problem like Mike Ashley?
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 07/07/2017

I, for my sins, am a Newcastle United fan. If that wasn’t enough bad news to deliver in the opening paragraph of a blog, here’s another thunderbolt of an admission. I, for my sins, am a PR man through and through.

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Source's Favourites
Written by Source, 07/07/2017

All of our favourites here at Source!

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Martha's top favourites in Leeds
Written by Martha Phillips, 30/06/2017

Just a few of my favourite things do to and visit when I'm around Leeds!

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The new rules of general elections
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 15/06/2017

So that was that. The snap general election that was never going to happen happened.

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Kennady's top five in Leeds
Written by Kennady Smith, 03/06/2017

Just my five favourite food places to visit in Leeds whenever I’m here shopping or wandering!

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