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Have you got the boules?
Written by Steve Clark, 21/09/2018

Did you know that for the past 17 years (every year since we set up business) Source has been trying unsuccessfully to win the Colliers Cup, a petanque competition that has been running in Leeds every summer since 1999.

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Thanks Serena – from one mother to another
Written by Martha Phillips, 07/08/2018

I'm not one to put the spotlight on me when addressing such a personal issue in public, but I read with interest today 'Serena Williams reveals post-partum struggles led to Rogers Cup withdrawal' (Source Sky Sports News). Serena may be perceived as the ‘rich and famous’ but she is just human too.

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Is it time to declutter your inbox?
Written by Steve Clark, 27/07/2018

How many of you were half hoping that the new GDPR data privacy regulations, which came into force on May 25 this year, would magically clean up your inbox?

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A day in the life of Marta Rijo
Written by Marta Rijo, 20/07/2018

Learn more about a day in the life of our senior account executive, Marta Rijo!

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Work experience is something you MUST experience.
Written by Maddi Procter, 06/07/2018

Work experience is something I am obliged to do in the first year of sixth form, so here I am currently sat in the Source Marketing Communications offices with six of the team members learning the ins and outs of ‘Public Relations’ (PR).

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Source’s five SEO tips and tricks
Written by Kennady Smith, 29/06/2018

Over recent years the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) has grown incredibly. And with Google gradually taking over more and more of the search engine market, we are all left with little choice but to improve our SEO on Google.

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Northern Rail & the great public relations & social media disaster
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 08/06/2018

I’ve been a Northern Rail customer since 2007; commuting five days a week from Steeton into Leeds; and throughout that time have always spoken highly about the quality of the service it delivered.

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Ladies’ lingerie or GDPR
Written by Steve Clark, 18/05/2018

When considering what to rant, I mean write, about in this week’s blog two topics sprang immediately to mind – ladies lingerie and GDPR!

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A day in the life of... Daniel Kennedy
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 04/05/2018

Daniel Kennedy is a Geordie-born, Outer Hebridean-raised, Australian-married, Yorkshireman-fathering PR man who has been promoting the living daylights out of various companies in the region, and beyond, since 1997.

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