Don't let the Winter Olympic legacy slide away
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 23/02/2018

Not sure about you, but Winter Olympic fever has gripped our house - with dinner time having been brought forward to that my two young sons can get in an hour with Clare Balding and her Today at the Games gang before bedtime.

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Celebrity, privacy and social media
Written by Kennady Smith, 09/02/2018

Celebrities and social media appear to go hand in hand. For the most part as a millennial, or a ‘member’ of generation Z, if you don’t see what Taylor Swift had for lunch, or what Lady Gaga did over the weekend, it almost feels like you missed out on something important in the celebrity world.

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Why does your business need an experienced social media manager?
Written by Marta Rijo, 02/02/2018

For all social media professionals, it becomes familiar to hear the same thing time after time, either from friends, family or businesses – “social media? Anyone can do that, it’s just posting a few pictures every now and then”. Many think that anyone with a few extra minutes can write social media posts, manage pages and accounts and create social media adverts.

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The press release is dead – long live the press release
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 26/01/2018

I read an article on LinkedIn the other day ( that pretty much consigned the press release to the PR scrap heap – writing it off as an outdated mode of communication.

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Musings of an old PR guy
Written by Steve Clark, 19/01/2018

In some respects it doesn’t seem five minutes since Source first opened its doors back in 2001, but in others it seems a lifetime ago!

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The twelve days of PR Christmas
Written by Kennady Smith, 20/12/2017

We decided to create our own rendition of the 12 days of Christmas - PR style! 

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Source's Christmas favourites
Written by Kennady Smith, 15/12/2017

All of us here at Source got together to work out our six all-time favourite Christmas songs!

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Kennady’s top five Christmas campaigns
Written by Kennady Smith, 08/12/2017

The Christmas period is definitely the best time of the year for a company to really focus on its PR and marketing. There are more people spending more money in more shops than at any other time in the year, and good marketing can pull a lot of attention. So, here are my top five Christmas marketing campaigns from the past few years.

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And the President, tweeted...
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 30/11/2017

Twitter, it seems, has risen above the rest of its social media stable mates and taken its place at the top table of newsworthy sources – a fact that is hammered home every time a reporter opts to quote what somebody has tweeted on a topic rather than pick up a phone and ask the opinion of someone relevant to the story they’re working on.

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