The new rules of general elections
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 15/06/2017

So that was that. The snap general election that was never going to happen happened.

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Kennady's top five in Leeds
Written by Kennady Smith, 03/06/2017

Just my five favourite food places to visit in Leeds whenever I’m here shopping or wandering!

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Here are a few of our favourite things
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 19/05/2017

Over the next few weeks we will give you our favourite bits in Leeds. Up first is Daniel.

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Public relations in the UK: the perspective from a Portuguese PR account executive
Written by Marta Rijo, 09/05/2017

Bored of routine and hungry for an adventure, I decided that signing up for a master’s degree at Leeds Beckett University was a perfectly reasonable excuse to pack my bags, book my flight and move to another country. 

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Get your late night final!
Written by Steve Clark, 28/04/2017

Can anyone tell me why the Yorkshire Evening Post is still called the Yorkshire Evening Post?  It comes out first thing in the morning, alongside the Yorkshire Post, containing yesterday’s news written by a skeleton staff of overworked journalists.

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Election Prediction
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 21/04/2017

There’s a snap election on the way, and the good folk of Warsaw are at it again.

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What happens if the customer is not right?
Written by Peter Downey, 07/04/2017

I appreciate that way back in 1909 Harry Selfridge came out with the saying, ‘the customer is always right’ which is still recited to this day. But we all know it’s not true.

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PR, surprisingly not just parties and liquid lunches
Written by Lucy Deakin, 29/03/2017

March 2017, nearly 4 years later I find myself at Source Marketing and Communications completing work experience with the hope of gathering a greater insight into the world of PR.

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How can a photo help PR?
Written by Marta Rijo, 27/03/2017

It’s often said that a picture tells a thousand words, but in PR terms – a good picture can make or break a story.

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