Source's Christmas favourites
Written by Kennady Smith, 15/12/2017

All of us here at Source have gotten together to work out our six all-time favourite Christmas songs!

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Kennady’s top five Christmas campaigns
Written by Kennady Smith, 08/12/2017

The Christmas period is definitely the best time of the year for a company to really focus on its PR and marketing. There are more people spending more money in more shops than at any other time in the year, and good marketing can pull a lot of attention. So, here are my top five Christmas marketing campaigns from the past few years.

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And the President, tweeted...
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 30/11/2017

Twitter, it seems, has risen above the rest of its social media stable mates and taken its place at the top table of newsworthy sources – a fact that is hammered home every time a reporter opts to quote what somebody has tweeted on a topic rather than pick up a phone and ask the opinion of someone relevant to the story they’re working on.

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6 tips to improve your personal brand
Written by Marta Rijo, 24/11/2017

McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, Cristiano Ronaldo, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Donald Trump. Seven global brands with distinct personalities. Each of these represent certain values, goals and beliefs. We know a company must be careful with its image and reputation, but the question is – are you concerned about your own? How do others perceive you?

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Beware the press cuttings police!
Written by Steve Clark, 17/11/2017

“Hello, hello, what have we here Sarge? It looks like this company has had a good write up about its new product in Widgets Monthly and sent copies of the coverage to all its customers!”

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Kennady’s top five Halloween campaigns
Written by Kennady Smith, 31/10/2017

Halloween is a great time of year for companies. Not only does it give an opportunity for some great themed products, but it’s also a fantastic time to showcase some of your best marketing ideas. Here are my top five marketing campaigns.

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Be prepared - how to avoid a data breach and what to do if once does occur
Written by Sarah Collett, PCM, 15/09/2017

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and equivalent UK data protection laws are looming, and as a result the spotlight is fixed firmly on protecting consumer rights and customer data. 

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Social media, anxiety & the fear of missing out.
Written by Kennady Smith, 06/09/2017

Trying to remember life before social media is near impossible. As of August 2017, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were all within the top four most used apps.

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Engineering a Brexit Exit
Written by Daniel Kennedy, 28/07/2017

Does anyone else have a growing feeling that those charged with negotiating the terms of Brexit are doing so in the kind of half-arsed fashion that suggests they were told when given the job, “do it as badly as you want. Because, let’s face it – it’s never going to happen.”

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